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Magdalena Gądek - Posadzki Architect - Artist

She is competent in:

- drawings, Illustrations of books, newspapers, comic books,
  magazines, calendars, gift cards, games, etc..
- paintings on cardboard
- Individual projects of hand illustrated wallpapers
- Graphic design
- Drawing photo-manipulation on demand

She paints human in motion and captures the essence of the faint moment.
Her drawings are dominated by very sensual erotic bodies of women often elegant and delicate. She portrays happiness, passions, positive emotions surrounded by friendly environment one wishes to transfer into.She graduated from the Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. She was a member of the student exchange program "Erasmus" and continued her degree at the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain. She graduated with a combined diploma of Cracow University of Technology and the University of Munster, Germany.

Born in Zakopane, Poland. Comes from a famous family of architects. Granddaughter of the famous athlete and Olympian Stanislaus Marusarz.